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Flying Scoop

From mavericks and rogues, to celebrities and the infamous, our award-winning team dives into fascinating lives that write their own scripts.

It's about people.


Talent Driven

We hold each independent producer, creator and talent that comes to us in the utmost esteem. That's why we work with incredible people, time and time again.

Client Driven

It’s not about scale, it’s about service. We roll up our sleeves in the field, in post and in development; control the costs; and put the budget on the screen. Our philosophy is do the work, serve the client, deliver engaging, rad content.

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Mark Finkelpearl

Partner /Executive Producer

Finkelpearl is a leading talent in non-fiction television production and development with background as a music writer, book co-author, and concert promoter.

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Nathaniel Starck

Partner /Executive Producer

Starck is a non-fiction producer and director obsessed with breakthrough filmmaking approaches and authentic, human stories.

A car's air intake, known as a scoop, with multiple signatures who worked on Fastest Cars in the Dirty South.
Our explosive start

In 2018, we were in the dark backwoods of Tennessee filming a race car hurtling down a dragstrip at 140 mph. Suddenly, the entire front hood of the car tore itself from its hinges, flew through the air and slammed into an overhead sign gantry, exploding into dozens of pieces.  

Like many race car hoods, it contained an air intake, called a scoop, that was lost in the impact. The next morning, our cast combed through the debris and found the Flying Scoop! Later, it was presented to us as a gift that the cast/crew all signed.

That scene not only became a pivotal moment in the first show we created, it symbolizes everything we love about the stories we make:

the best moments in a story are the ones you never see coming...